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"Vocal Technique is a path, which takes the artist from a known place to an unknown one, but that has always been his natural point of arrival".

I like to introduce this page with a metaphor, that I often use with my students, about the eternal conflict between technique and natural talent, because I think this is one of the crucial issues to be addressed as soon as possible in the study of singing, as well as in the arts in general. 

Is it good to sing "instinctively", so to simply stay where you are once you start to be a singer, and rely solely on the talent, or do you need to study vocal technical and change? 

The answer to this question is very simple, although not obvious at all to young students: there is no talent that can be expressed without the support of the technique, as there is no technique that produces great results without the presence of the artist's talent. 

Changing is in the middle and it's a just the only way for being an artist not for one day, but for an entire life.


Vocal studies are an exciting and intense experience, which lead us to explore ourselves every day even before exploring the discipline itself. 

Personally I approach vocal coaching with great seriousness, enthusiasm and commitment, experiencing empathy with the path of my students but always providing them with a solid point of reference. Obviously I require my students equally seriousness, enthusiasm and commitment, to learn what is a real discipline, as well as an art of expression that gives us a lot of satisfaction. 


Below I have summarized some of the concepts that I believe are the pillars of my educational and professional approach, concepts that are never absent in my program of study, regardless of the particular path chosen by a student, a solo singer or a band.

Failing is winning
Technique is not a goal
Manage your emotions
Be a complete musician
Success & Music Business
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