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These are some of the most frequent questions regarding my lessons or advisory services. Maybe you will find them useful, maybe you will need instead to ask me something different or not comprised in this page, if it is so, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Do I need an audition to become your student? 

Well, I don't call it "audition" but I do like to meet you before we start. Usually in person, if possible, or through a Skype call, I will be happy to know some more about your relationship with music and singing, so to better shape and plan our work together.

How often should I take lessons? 

This is entirely up to you! Provided I have spots available in my schedule. I will surely give you my advice on which I think should be the right schedule, and you can be sure that I will advise you considering your aims and your level of study instead of what is more convenient for me.

How do online lessons differ from in-person lessons? 

Over the past years, I have applied many ways to communicate the information necessary for students to reach their full potential through a virtual presence. Recording your entire lesson directly to your computer is one of them, so you can review it at any time. Surely though, it's easier and more effective to use Skype lessons for interpretation, style techniques, artistic advices instead of vocal technique, that requires more frequently to work directly on and with the body.

Would you consider doing a vocal workshop at my school/facility in my country? 

Yes, I am happy to discuss the possibility of holding a workshop in your facility or country. Please contact me through email to discuss the details.

Advisory Service
Can I contact you for establishing a partnership with a UK/EU university? 

Yes. In these past years I was in charge for finalizing partnerships between private companies and UK/EU universities, mostly (but not only) related to validate or franchise UK programmes of studies to be delivered then by the partner private institution.

Can I contact you for planning and managing undergraduate and/or postgraduate degree programmes? 

Yes. Since 2009 I work exactly in this field, and I do it in international environments managing all the possible aspects related to programme planning, management and problem solving. 

Can I contact you for planning my career or a business? 

Yes, but it depends.  If you are planning a career or a business that is out of my field of expertise I strongly advise you to contact someone else. If you are planning a career or a business related to my field of expertise then I will be honored to help you. In this case, please contact me and we will plan a number of preliminary meetings in order to better understand your needs. The first meetings will be free of charge, until we will decide whether to start or not the collaboration.

Can I contact you with an offer of direct management of a facility or a business? 

Yes, I am always interested in evaluating new possible challenges, I only ask you to don't make me business proposals that are out of my field of expertise.

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